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i already heard your side of the story - hear mine,.. i'ma tell you why, cause you changed...

what was i to do, sit around and wait for you to call?
when i wanted to be in your arms - missin you every minute... you were gone; you were gone to long. doin who knows what - who knows where!
you act like you didn't care when i told you, i wouldn't be here, cause you changed.

you changed you got doe and changed baby. you changed it wasn't the same you got doe and you changed, what was i to do??

i loved you for your ways. but your ways hurt me bad boy, hurt me so bad.

why you want to see me sad boy, i am tired of crying over you!... but i miss you so much.

i don't know what to do, seems that i gotta move on.. live life with out ya, but every time someone comes around to talk about you, i get feelings inside again i wanna be right back by your side again...

- - -

BUT bye bye baby i don't want you back.. read my lips it's time you got the facts!
bye bye baby cause i'm better then THAT, and now i've found out where you are really at. i don't want you back!!

you took me for a fool, don't call it a mistake.
the roses may be real but BABY YOU ARE JUST A FAKE! i won't waste my tears cuz i will find somebody true.

i allready found somebody

oLd shit

what's this?
" i know we've been together a long time boo but i am writin this letter cuz i really couldn't face u like it's kinda ill. i got alot thingz going on right now and i meet somebody too so i need a little space ma fo real "

he told me no matter what baby everything'z gon be ok? and now this mo'fxcker´z leavin..
think a letter like thiz gon kill me dude? shit you was lucky i was real with you, i was feeling you!
who the hell you think ya pimpin? not me, u can go! i don't care what u leavin´ me for... i was there for you, cared for you.. but you never gave the love back!

Boy i can live, i can learn, get wise to my life. it ain´t hard for me to let go.. i am a strong azz woman and i can see clearly now - the rain is gone..
you are a b1tch for the way u act...

when you dealt wit me u had thingz that you neva had.. now you got a new b1tch. pray to god, hope she know about me. and if not, i am gonna tell her azz.

- - - is hard and ours was more complicated than most.. maybe it was just my love..?! even though its over the feelings haven't gone ANYWHERE!
you were and still are the one who can make my knees weak.. you put me in my place and i love you for it..
you have done some STUPID STUFF but like everyone knows, you are the only thing that puts a smile on my face..
if i could rewind time i would start back at the beginning and do everything right... so why not give it another try? we can't do it any worse then we did it the first time...

when i woke up i thought of your smile and i missed your stupid jokes..
I REALIZED HOW MUCH I LOVED YOU... i thought you was the only one.. just wanted you to know that i waited patiently and was true to you and still you are not here...
guess it meant nothing?! i hope you still think of me... KNOWING THAT NONE OF MY DAY WAS COMPLETE WITHOUT A THOUGHT OF YOU...

today i wish to send you my most sincere I FUCKING HATE YOU! directly to your face. thank you for reminding me of how men really are...
thank you most of all reminding me that i am the most mundane of realtionships and how i dearly wish i never laid uopn your eyes upon your mole ridden face...
you truly are a JERK.
i shall make you want me every moment you see me and wish you had me every time...

8.7.07 02:22

2nd chance ?!

if i had the chance again, i*d never let you go, hold tight to your love, cause you never know! [i will not have a chance, right?]

25.6.07 15:35

28.5.07 01:36

kissEs dOn´t alwAys mean .sOmethiNg.

after a while you learn the difference, between holding a hand & falling in love, ...
you begin to learn that kisses don't always mean something and promises can be broken .. just as quickly as they are made, ...
and sometimes .. goodbyes really are F 0 R E V E R !

20.5.07 13:07

tAke on me, take me on i'll bE gone in a day Or 2

they say if you love something you've got to let it go .. and if it comes back then it means so much more.
but if it never does, at least you will know, that it was something you had to go through to grow.
in my mind i´ll always be his girl, .. i don't care what nobody else says. only time will tell if i´m his lady.
i´ll always feel this way about you, baby you should know.

if you want sum, come and get sum.

so needless to say..

19.5.07 12:01

aCt a fOol.-

i don´t care about your drama & i don´t care and want to be a part of your drama..

18.5.07 18:15

hellO agAin . . .

i want to see you, time was too long.. and i wouldn´t only say " hello again " ..

one year without you, did you need the time for you? are you another one that the one who left me one year ago? i don´t know.. its on you now!

you know i wouldn´t ask too much.. but also i wouldn´t only say " hello again " .

maybe one day ..

never look back at your past. especially when you have every memory permantely saved.


17.5.07 01:08

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